Industrial Weighing Scales Body

Check weighing industrial scales are for use when you need to verify whether a product falls within set range of weights. They can be used help reduce any customer concerns with items missing from packages or packages not weighing what the label indicates. Check weigh scales are an integral part of any quality control process and can reduce costs in the area of waste. This project we take is to manufacturing metal body of customized weighing scales. The material is mild steel, final finish is powder coating.

  • Materials:

    Mild Steel
  • Surface Finish:

    Powder Coating
  • Fabrication Methods:

    Laser cutting, bending, welding, powder coating
  • Production Phase:

    25 days

    a. Tight tolerance. b. Good powder coating finish.

    Since this is weighing body, so the precision of size is very high. We use amada laser cutting machine to cut each loose parts, and do inspection of each manufacture process to control tolerance. After the customer assembles the weighing instrument, it will be sold as finished product, so good surface treatment is required. Our self-owned shot blasting and powder coating line provide one stop service for clients.