Industrial Dust Collection System

One of the most challenges for general manufacturers is air quality regulations and maintaining a safe and clean workplace. Controlling dust and fumes requires constant vigilance. Highly performing dust collectors are a must in an active facility. So SVEIFAB was commissioned to fabricate a reliable, high performing dust collection system and materials handling equipment as client’s design. This dust collection system include dust collectors, spraybooths, scrubbers, fume arms, and ducting. Key points of this project is air-tightness which confirmed by excellent welding skills, and bending into round shape is another focus for us. We consult professional technicians to get the best bending angle. Finally we qualified delivered the whole set of dust collection system.

  • Materials: Carbon Steel
  • Production Phase: 45 days
  • Surface finish: Painting
  • Fabrication Methods: Laser cutting, bending, welding, sandblasting&painting
  • PROJECT CHALLENGE: a.Air-tightness need high quality welding. b.Bending into round shape is the key process of dust removal pipe. c.Good painting surface is also important.
  • SVEI SOLUTION: A.Air-tightness need high quality welding, our EN ISO qualified welder take charge of this project, and finally passed air tightness test by Third Party. B.For bending into round shape, we consult professional technicians to get the best bending angle. C.Good painting surface is also important. As we have our own sandblasting and painting room to control spraying processes and effects.