Stainless Steel Water Tank

This stainless steel water tank is not in standard size and design as commonly used, which is customized as client unique design. All durable and fire resistant stainless steel water tanks are manufactured from high marine grade stainless steel 316, with a 20-year warranty. This stainless steel water tanks are built to last, are resistant to corrosion, riveted for strength, and bonded with high qualified welding beam for extra strength and resistance to leaks. The key point of this project is continuous full welding, watertight test is an indispensable test after welding.

  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Production Phase: 30 days
  • Surface finish: Painting
  • Fabrication Methods: Laser cutting, bending, welding, painting
  • PROJECT CHALLENGE: a.High requirement of welding. b.Watertight test.
  • SVEI SOLUTION: Since this steel tank is used for liquid storage, so the sealing requirement is very high. Our EN qualified welders put a lot of effort into continuous full welding to ensure watertightness of the tank body. Finally, we asked the third party to do a watertight test and send the test report to the customer together with the first batch of water tank.