Safety Protection Frame

This Safety Protection Frame is for Australia client. This project started in 2005, and two batches a year till now. Since it is used in public area, so the raw material and surface treatment must be highly required. Firstly, raw material is oil drawn tube, but the surface oil is difficult to remove, which need sandblasting to handle. The most important point is to do two layers powder coating to ensure the smooth surface.

  • Production Phase: 3 months
  • Surface finish: Two layers powder coating
  • Materials: Carbon steel pipe
  • Fabrication Methods: Cutting, bending, welding, powder coating and assembly
  • PROJECT CHALLENGES 1. The raw material must be oil drawn tube, but the oil on the top layer is difficult to handle, and phosphating treatment has been banned due to environmental factors. 2. There is LOGO on the pipe, so the logo hole must be blocked before sandblasting.
  • SVEI SOLUTION: 1. The oil layer above the oil drawn tube shall be removed by sandblasting. 2. Before sandblasting, the hole must be blocked. After sandblasting, two layers of powder should be sprayed to ensure surface smooth.