Heavy Duty Harbor Crane

This heavy steel harbor crane body is built for various applications in the harbor, mainly in supporting role. The port cranes guarantee with their robust undercarriages and the large supporting squares high stability for heavy lifting works. Three layers painting finish offers very good corrosion protection for the port usage. It’s really a large crane body need to fabricated, and required continuous welding for supporting intensity. Total weight of this crane body is up to 16 tons. Finally, we specially bought 16 tons forklift trucks for this project.

  • Materials: Carbon Steel
  • Production Phase: 60 days
  • Surface finish: Painting
  • Fabrication Methods: Laser cutting, bending, welding, sandblasting&painting
  • PROJECT CHALLENGE: a.High welding requirements. b.3 layers painting required. c.Large body needs special forklift.
  • SVEI SOLUTION: A.For heavy duty fabrication, welding is the key process, so as this heavy crane of port. Continuous welding determines the support strength. We have two sets of welding rotator especially for large welding products. B.Since this crane will be installed at harbor, so surface finish is important for outdoor environment. We have our own sandblasting and painting room. Sandblasting first, then primer, then first painting and finishing painting. C.Large body needs special forklift. We bought 16 tons forklift trucks for this project.