Fire Extinguisher Casing

This project called fire extinguisher casing, which is mounted carbon steel box for supporting fire extinguisher in forest. Started from the end of 2017, few batches each year and more than 6,000 sets in one batch. This casing required high demand surface treatment and assembly dimension,  dimension of each process should be strictly controlled, and flat powder to ensure smooth gloss.

  • Materials: Carbon steel
  • Production Phase: 3 months
  • Surface finish: Powder coating
  • Fabrication Methods: Cutting, bending, welding, powder coating and assembly
  • PROJECT CHALLENGES: a.Since this casing is made up of main body, cover and inner box, so dimension control is very strict. Substandard tolerance will affect the normal assembly. b.This casing is used in forest, high demand surface treatment is required for overall harmony. This product belongs to apperance part, flat powder requires no pits, scratches, dross.
  • SVEI SOLUTION: A.To ensure the tolerance during each process, we assigned one technique be responsible specially for the quality inspection of each process, do full inspection to ensure the final assembly. B.This case use flat powder and need to be in high gloss and smooth, so it cannot have any defects. Therefore, we have done a lot of work on welding slag removal and pipe cleaning. And the flow from spraying to assembly, equipped with 4 time quality inspection.