Camera Mounting Bracket

This project is for photographic equipment, including supporting base and frame of internal electrical components. Both base plate and head chassis are made of carbon steel, with highlight powder coating finish. After the first batch of 700 sets is received, our US client place two repeat orders in the past six months.

  • Materials: Carbon steel
  • Production Phase: 25 days
  • Surface finish: Powder coating
  • Fabrication Methods: Laser cutting, bending, welding, powder coating
  • PROJECT CHALLENGES: a.The precision of the product is very high. b.High requirements for surface spraying.
  • SVEI SOLUTION: A.Since all the spare parts are for inner supporting frame of photographic equipment, so tolerance of each part is tight. We made fixture and full inspection to ensure the accuracy of each part. B.The powder spraying surface of the base is required to be high-gloss, and we did a lot of gloss testing before the mass painting to confirm right glossiness.