Aluminium Louver

One of our American clients asked us to help make a set of louver to decorate his company's new department. In accordance with the contract, we take charge of production drawing according to their design. The key point is the opening direction of the louver after installation. Our engineer offers four solutions for client to choose from, and the design drawing was finally determined after many discussions. At the end, we delivered the finished louver to client, and they are very satisfied and sent the photos to us after installation.

  • Materials: Aluminium square tube
  • Production Phase: 40 days
  • Surface finish: Powder coating
  • Fabrication Methods: Laser cutting, bending, welding, powder coating
  • PROJECT CHALLENGES: a.Confirm the final design. b.Spot welding of aluminium is easy cause deformation. c.Client’s specified powder.
  • SVEI SOLUTION: A.We offered four solutions for client to choose for the opening direction of the louver after installation, and determine final design drawing after many discussions. B.Since the material is aluminium, so we do spot welding on supporting rods. C.Client specified the color and brand of the powder coating, and we found a distributor for the brand in other province in China.